Geriatric FAQs

Geriatric Care FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Care

We know you may have a lot of questions for your senior care managers. Check out our Geriatric Care FAQs below for the answers to the most common questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Geriatric Care

What Is A Geriatric Care Manager?

A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) is a consultant who specializes in assisting seniors, and their families who care for them. Our experience and extensive knowledge offer you practical, affordable, and time-sensitive solutions.

How Do I Know if I would Benefit from the Help of a Care Manager?

Should you need help for yourself or for a loved one, it is wise to evaluate the needs to determine whether or not the needs are being met.

You may want to ask yourself…

  • Is meeting these needs hindering my daily life and/or my normal responsibilities
  • Is my family or my work being affected?
  • Am I having difficulty monitoring services or resources that I have chosen?
  • Are my finances being affected by lost work hours?
  • Am I spending excessive time and money on travel requirements due to distance from a loved one?
  • Do I have the time, skills, resources, and knowledge to engage the proper professionals?

What Can Senior Support Solutions Do For Me? How Does This Work?

  • First we meet for a free consultation to determine if having a Geriatric Care Manager is exactly what you need.
  • If so, we then meet at the cl​ient’s place of residence or community (private home, independent living community, assisted living community, group home, skilled nursing community, memory care community, etc.) to conduct an assessment to identify problems and determine solutions.
  • We then guide the client and their family toward outside resources if necessary (physicians, psychiatrists, personal, social, financial, etc.) and we oversee and monitor the care of the client which may be provided by their living facility or community, by private caregivers, or outside resources.
  • By providing consistent oversight and monitoring, continuity of care and the best outcome for the client’s well-being is established.
  • We provide ongoing communication between the client, designated family members, medical personnel, service providers, and other professionals.​
  • We offer crisis intervention if needed, assistance with moving, plan and attend personal celebrations as requested.
  • We are advocates for the client and their family, providing: support, education, and the quality of care that your loved one deserves.
  • We monitor expenses being charged by their living community, if they live in one.

Does Insurance Pay for Services of a Geriatric Care Manager?

  • Unfortunately, most insurance plans have not yet recognized the value and tremendous savings that Geriatric Care Managers offer. However, some Long Term Care insurance plans do offer reimbursement for services provided.

Is Hiring a Geriatric Care Manageable Affordable?

  • The cost savings alone, makes hiring a Geriatric Care Manager affordable because money is not wasted on unnecessary services, care is provided properly the first time, money spent on long-distance travel is avoided, and lost time and revenue from missed work is prevented. More importantly, the health and well-being of your loved one, is preserved.
  • We are affordable, as we help to avoid inappropriate housing placement, uninformed decision-making, duplication and/or unnecessary services, etc.

Will I, Or My Loved One Lose My Independence if a Geriatric Care Manager is Needed?

  • Just the opposite. You or your loved one will re-gain any independence that may have been lost, if your/their health condition allows. A Geriatric Care Manager will work with you to advise, advocate, educate, and support your/their needs to encourage independence, wellness, and improved quality of life.

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Attention to Detail

Diane Skaff found the perfect facility for me and even remembered my mentioning that I would like to live near a lake. I enjoy my new living environment very much and will continue to work with Senior Support Solutions to help meet my future needs, including Diane Skaff accompanying me to my medical appointments, consulting with my physicians, and keeping my family informed of my status.
—Jim S., Client, Peoria, Ariz.

Counselor, Friend, Professional

"Diane immediately assessed our uncle’s needs, began organizing medication, coordinating appointments, checking the safety of his home, listening to our concerns and his fears. Counselor, friend, professional, Diane continues to be this and so very much more."
—Lori W., Santa Monica, Calif.

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