A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) is invaluable when it comes to aiding seniors and their families/caregivers throughout the process of aging.
Although the thought of aging can be frightening to some, it can also be a beautiful time to bond more closely with a loved one and take pleasure in the precious time spent together.
However, with little knowledge and experience regarding this process, both the senior and the person caring for the senior’s needs can face traumatic times together and can even become resentful of one another during this phase.
GCM’s however, can ease the burden of one trying to make significant decisions with little or no background or experience in this area. Confusion can be intensified and unintentional mistakes are often made through this trial and error stage. Excessive time and unnecessary funds can be spent without the advantage of experience. Anxiety and distress can be increased for all involved.
What could be a tranquil and peaceful time, can evolve into turmoil and chaos.
The education, expertise, and experience of a GCM can ease this transition by creating a proposed Plan of Care including recommendations about the care that is needed. The GCM also oversees, coordinates, and monitors the outcome of the recommendations as well as any resources that have been brought into the picture. As well, A GCM advocates for the senior and their family.
It is normal for a senior to resist having a GCM, as they want to remain independent and do not want to be made to feel that they are incapable of handling their own life. In time however and with patience from the family, the senior may come to realize that the family and the GCM are working with them and not against them. The GCM is their advocate and looks at the senior and their family as part of the team. A team that pulls together to help ensure the best quality of life possible for the senior and their family. A GCM helps them experience a quality of life that they all deserve.