Caring for an aging family member is a responsibility almost everyone must take. For many, it is also one of life’s most difficult tasks. Caring for a loved one takes a lot of physical and mental energy.
If you live away from your loved one, the stresses of caregiving multiply as you try to manage from afar. Choices become even more difficult when you don’t know the area and don’t know who to trust. The extra time traveling and spending time away from work and home can negatively impact your own life and cloud your judgment.
But there are people out there who recognize the difficulty of long distance care giving and want to help. Long distance care managers are certified experts who can help you care for your loved one. They offer care consulting in a variety of ways, from helping pay bills to monitoring health care and giving expert advice. Their services can drastically improve your and your loved one’s quality of life. Reducing the stress that comes with care giving can help you make better informed decisions and offers you more “family time” with your loved one.
The internet makes it easy to find the right care manager for you and your family. Simply search for the area where your loved one lives along with the term “Geriatric Care Manager” or “Long Distance Care Manager.” Click through the websites to see each person’s qualifications and what services they offer.
Look for someone who will meet with you in person to discuss your family’s needs. The amount of service needed depends on how far away you live and how much help you need. The best care managers will help determine the right course of action for you and your loved one.
Hiring from afar makes many people nervous, but a set standard of quality of care, can show you who you can rely on. Look for geriatric care managers who have earned certification with the Aging Life Care Association ( This organization has a rigorous set of requirements for its certified members, including professional degrees and many years’ of experience caring for the elderly.
Long distance care managers make one of life’s most difficult moments easier. Recognizing that you need help is the first step, and with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about who is right for you and your family.
In the Phoenix area, Senior Support Solutions, LLC offers an extensive line of services, highly specialized care, and impeccable qualifications. The Principal Care Manager, Diane Skaff, is an LPN, and even holds her BA in Communications with a minor in Gerontology. She has many years of experience both in health care and in working with the elderly. With Diane Skaff at the helm of Senior Support Solutions, you know that you’re getting the best care possible.  Diane and her highly qualified staff are here for you and will confidently and compassionately guide you throughout your journey.